Attending the uWestFest 2015 Conference in Orlando, FL, March 6th will be an Umbraco event you will not want to miss. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Learn from the best Umbraco experts sharing critical skills, tools, and techniques

You'll choose from a dual track of 12 speakers that dive deep into topics necessary to create quality Umbraco websites.

2. Spend time among the brightest minds in Umbraco to answer your questions

The speakers and the community at large are available and willing to engage in conversation directly related to your Umbraco projects. You'll hear things like "What I liked best was the accessibility of the different speakers. I can literally walk up, get a handshake, say hi, and talk."

3. Meet with your peers to discuss your successes and challenges

uWest14 attendees have said, "It was an environment where one could actually have real conversations with experts and meet people in the field." And "the Umbraco community is casual, welcoming, very professional." As well as, "It was exciting to meet so many Umbraco professionals from around North America and Europe!"

4. Leave the conference with practical, actionable "stuff"

You'll quickly integrate tips and tricks into your everyday workflow. With your new found learning, you'll empower your coworkers and clients by sharing great advice, direction, and new skills.

5. Have fun and build community connections

Umbraco is all about community. There's a reason it's been termed "the friendliest." Come and make connections that will not only inspire you, but become a resource as you grow in Umbraco.

Need help convincing your boss? We've provided some tips to help you do just that!