• Niels Hartvig Umbraco HQ @umbraco View Slides

    Keynote: The State of Umbraco Address

    Straight from Umbraco HQ, hear what's currently going on with Umbraco and the community and what's in store moving forward with the State of Umbraco Address.

  • Douglas Robar Percipients Studios @drobar View Slides

    Pre-Keynote Warmup

    Shh, it's a secret, but you won't want to be late!

  • Heather Floyd Mindfly Studio @hfloyd

    Making the Leap from v.4/6 to v.7

    Version 7 of Umbraco is out - and hot. But if you've been working in versions 4 and 6 of Umbraco for the last few years, you might be nervous about the transition to version 7. This session will focus on the similarities and differences between 4/6 & 7 - and whether, when, and how you should consider making the switch.

    Topics covered:

    • Masterpages to MVC
    • New Umbraco service APIs
    • Angular JS and Property Editors
    • Upgrading a version 4/6 site to v.7 (what to consider, when to start fresh instead)
    • Tools & resources to help with upgrades and getting up-to-speed.
  • Per Ploug Hansen Umbraco HQ @pploug View Slides

    The 7.2 Grid

    Umbraco 7.2 is here so let's take a look at the shiny new Umbraco Grid Datatype and see why it's so great, and how you can use it in future builds for your clients.

  • Kyle Weems Mindfly Studio @cssquirrel

    The Umbraco Mullet

    I will discuss using AngularJS to handle the entire front-end of a single page web app built upon Umbraco.

    This includes the views, routing, and controllers, all written in AngularJS & HTML.

    Umbraco’s role in such a project is just to manage the content and data structure, communicated forward via the Web API. Building a web app like this provides a for a quick and responsive user experience than a site built with postbacks and CSHTML views, taking advantage of Angular’s caching and other speed optimizations, which is especially valuable for viewing web apps on mobile devices and tablets. A example web app will be available for attendees showing an implementation of the principles discussed.

  • Anders Burla Johansen Tea Commerce @andersburla View Slides

    Tea Commerce for the US Market

    This session will feature a demo of the capabilities of Tea Commerce – an e-commerce module for Umbraco. Then the talk will switch to an open talk about how we sell Tea Commerce/Umbraco to our clients and how and the US Umbraco community think the software can be improved. 

  • Mark Bowser ProWorks View Slides

    Content Deployment

    We often need to have content go through QA before it shows up on the production site. The preview button is always there for us, but sometimes it's not enough. We've spent the past year experimenting with different processes that will get content through QA on an authoring or staging site and deployed onto a production site.

    I'll be talking about a few of the methods that we've been refining and what sorts of scenarios are appropriate for each:

    • Courier
    • Full site and database copy
    • Shared databases
  • Shola & Matt Reingold @reingoldinc View Slides

    Tackling Umbraco: A case study about developing an NFL website on UaaS

    Asked to develop an engaging, informative platform for football fans, Reingold Inc. worked through a number of challenges and devised innovative solutions while building a website for NFL Football OperationsMatt and Shola will examine why Umbraco is an excellent back-end choice for a unique front-end design. They will also touch on several tips and tricks learned along the way in the journey through Umbraco 7.2 and Umbraco as a Service. Topics will include:

    • Tips on content structure for complex design layouts and modules
    • UaaS deployment dos and don’ts
    • Why some data need to exist outside of Umbraco
    • Quick and dirty backoffice modifications to help speed up content editing
    • API controller tricks
  • Pete Duncanson Offroadcode @peteduncanson

    Heresy: Using ReactJS with Umbraco

    Its all been about AngularJS of late, but with the Public Relations disaster that was the announcement of AngularJS v2 another new kid on the block got a look in at Offroadcode HQ.

    ReactJS is the javascript templating library that is powering most of Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo mail. One of its main selling points is its ease to understand for new developers and ease of understanding existing React projects for those developers coming in your wake.

    We've been pushing it and using it and really, really like it. Find out what it is, why its good and how we've found using it.

  • Bob Baty-Barr The Segal Group @bootnumlock View Slides

    Responsive Web Time Machine 2

    Bob takes a look back at the early origins of web design techniques and travels through time up to the era of responsive web design. There will be discussions about frameworks, home-rolled approaches, various tools and techniques and a lot of 'near expert' opinion about how we approach a multi-device/multi-platform world. Most of all, there will be an open dialogue about the evolution of front-end design. Are there connections to the past? Only time will tell - or will there need to be a part 3?

  • Alex / Rusty / Nik FlightPath / Merchello / Scandia

    Merchello: A Practical Look at Open Source eCommerce

    Have a question about Merchello, the open source eCommerce platform for Umbraco? Alex Lindgren from FlightPath, Rusty Swayne from Merchcello, and Nik Wahlberg from Scandia Consulting are heading a panel to answer any Merchello related question you can come up with, from how-tos, usecases, to the roadmap. They are collecting questions in advance, so if you have one, let them know either via @OurMerchello or hello@merchello.com.

  • Paul Sterling Umbraco HQ @paulsterling

    Celebrating Our Successes, Contributing for Good – We’re in this together

    Every week we discover yet another awesome umbraco site – or ten – but there are 100’s of others we never know about. That probably includes the fantastic site you just launched. Find out how to let the umbraco community know about your work. Many people contribute to umbraco in many different ways, if you never have here’s your chance to find out how it’s done. Paul promises is won’t hurt a bit – well, not too much.