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Conference Schedule

We can't even express how excited and honored we are to be able to host this excellent schedule for uWestFest 2017. The list of people that will be speaking is monumental and a significant testament to the maturity and growth of the Umbraco community here in North America. We can't wait to see everyone at the conference. Sign up today, if you haven't already.
Get off on the right foot when working with Umbraco. By attending the Umbraco Fundamentals course, you will gain the skills to build complete, content-driven websites, without compromising markup or design.
By attending one of the courses, or both of them, the attendee will get a free ticket to uWestFest.

9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Monday & Tuesday

Umbraco Fundamentals (100 Points)

Get off on the right foot when working with Umbraco. By attending the Fundamentals training, you will gain the skills to build complete, content-driven websites, without compromising markup or design.

Sign up for this course and get a FREE ticket to uWestFest!

Andrew Barta

HQ Support Management & North America Training @ Umbraco HQ

9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Wednesday

Extending the Backoffice (50 Points)

Learn how to take full advantage of all the Umbraco backoffice can offer by extending it with AngularJS for a customized editor experience.

Sign up for this course and get a FREE ticket to uWestFest!

Andrew Barta

HQ Support Management & North America Training @ Umbraco HQ

New this year! A full day of optional "pre-conference" workshops that dive deep into hands-on material.
All Workshops require separate pre-registration. Please see registration info for each Workshop.

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm | WednesdayKnoebel School of Hospitality - Room 229 Tiered South

Bear the Load & Azure with Umbraco


This 2-in-1 workshop covers the fundamentals of why you would need to load balance a website, how to configure Umbraco for load balancing, issues to watch out for and advanced techniques in including how to write load balancing aware code and use Azure with Umbraco.

Topics covered include:

  • Common configuration
  • Non-synchronised & Synchronised file system configuration
  • Output caching
  • Cache events
  • Custom ICacheRefresher, ServerRegistrar and  DatabaseServerMessengerOptions
  • Deploying Umbraco to Azure 
  • Azure Storage Blobs for use in Umbraco

 Cost: $260: Get Your Tickets Here

Jeavon Leopold

Owner @ Crumpled Dog

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm | WednesdayN/A

uCommerce - Moved to Online Training

PLEASE NOTE: This course has been cancelled for uWestFest and instead will be taught online by uCommerce at a later date.

uCommerce is one of the most trusted packages around. Get your hands dirty with the big daddy of e-commerce platforms on Umbraco and discover how elegantly simple e-commerce can be. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from Mr uCommerce himself: Søren Spelling Lund


Søren Spelling-Lund

Owner @ uCommerce

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm | WednesdayDenver Hyatt at Cherry Creek - Boardroom 2nd Floor

There's More To Kanban Than Trello Boards

Do you use a Kanban board for your team’s work?  Maybe you are the team lead and have just heard about Kanban.  However, you haven’t taken the time to learn about how to use it or why it is important.  Perhaps you want to be more agile but don’t know how to get started with Kanban. 

This workshop will not only help you understand what Kanban is but also how to get started. 

Paul is very excited about many things with regards to Kanban but one of his favorites is teaching you about why you should be measuring waste in your team.  So come join him as he uses a great mixture of slides and classroom activities to teach you about the essentials of Kanban in no time.

Cost: $99 - Buy Tickets HERE

Paul Gower

CTO @ Aristotle Labs

8:00Reiman Theatre in Margery Reed Building


Everyone has to register before the event in order to pick up their name tags. You'll also get a t-shirt to take home! Don't forget to come by the registration table.

9:00Reiman Theatre

Keynote: Umbraco HQ and Beyond

Straight from the horses (ehem, I mean Unicorn's) mouth, hear what's currently going on with Umbraco and the community and what's in store moving forward with the State of Umbraco Address.

Anders Trans Sørensen

Major Friends Maker @ Umbraco

10:00Reiman Theatre

5 Tips To Get There Faster with Umbraco

Accelerate your development and get more done by sharing your own codebase with yourself.

Through practical examples and principles you’ll learn how you can structure your projects, write your code, and create reusable components, so you focus on the fun part of your projects.

This talk gives you tools and techniques you can leverage tomorrow to shave away a lot of the tedium involved in every project.

And oh, did you know that the most expensive bugs to fix are those found in production? We’ll figure out how to reduce those as well.

Søren Spelling-Lund

Owner @ uCommerce

11:00Reiman Theatre


11:15Daniels Room in Daniels Building

How to Deploy Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce on Umbraco Cloud

Wolters Kluwer is a $4.5 billion global information services, publishing, and software company servicing tax, legal, and health professionals that operates in a highly distributed, decentralized manner.  As a result, we have a highly-fragmented set of marketing and e-commerce systems.  

To drive economies of scale, common decision making criteria, and reduce continued proliferation of technologies Wolters Kluwer developed a framework and methodology for selecting marketing and e-commerce platforms.  Extensive evaluations of various technologies resulted in a recommendation to implement a SaaS solution based on Umbraco Cloud and uCommerce.

This session will walk you through the framework, methodology, results, and how you can apply them to your business.

Dann Sheridan

Director @ Wolters Kluwer

11:15Reiman Theater

Umbraco's Guide to the Wordpress Galaxy

"Isn't there a plugin we can use to do that? WordPress has plugins for everything!" "Why isn't the upgrade as easy as pushing a button like WordPress?" "Can't we just download a theme and use it for our design like WordPress?"

WordPress is estimated to power 26% of the web. Its a great CMS. But when your prospect or client has a WordPress based perspective, it can present some challenges for an Umbraco agency. We will share our experiences and advice.

This session should be valuable to agencies, consultants and end-users or website owners with a lot of WordPress experience but limited Umbraco experience.

Catherine Stevens

Developer @ ProWorks

12:15Knoebel School of Hospitality: Tuscan Ballroom


Enjoy your buffet.

1:15Daniels Room

The Physical Web

The Physical Web: BeaconSage is an Internet of Things solution that allows businesses and individuals to create great content, manage proximity beacons, and deliver that great content to customers/visitors on-site.

Under the hood, it's using The Physical Web and Umbraco to create a great solution for many attractions and event planners.

In this talk we'll explore The Physical Web, how it's already changing the way we discover the things around us, and how Umbraco plays an integral role in powering CodeGarden 2016's Best Technical Solution recipient.

Matt Shull

Director of Labs @ Aristotle

1:15Reiman Theater

The Umbraco Grid on steroids

Ever wanted to do more than just the default Grid in Umbraco? Learn how the Umbraco Grid can be extended to do more than what is just available out of the box.

You will see how to create new grid items from scratch, use other packages to easily create grid items, how you can customize Umbraco’s rendering of the Grid.

And most importantly – when NOT to use the Grid - yes there are cases

Anders Johansen

CEO @ Tea Solutions

2:15Reiman Theatre


2:30Daniels Room

Progressive Web Apps with Umbraco

In this talk you will learn what exactly makes something a Progressive Web App (PWA) and how to create one using Umbraco as a backend.

Exposing raw data stored in Umbraco in a simple format that gives a consistent and an easy way to hyperlink between resources we can serve content in multiple formats and to any consumer.

We’ll use React to enrich sites with content combined in small reusable components and build your first Umbraco driven PWA.

To achieve, test, and better explain the process we will use Chrome DevTools so be prepared to enhance your knowledge.

Matija Grcic

Full-Stack Web Developer @ 8 West Consulting

2:30Reiman Theater

Umbraco powered Intranet for Harwoods Group

Harwoods Group is a large automobile dealership with franchises across a number of premium brands including Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover and Audi.

In 2016 Carbon Six delivered an Umbraco 7 powered Intranet. It is hosted on Umbraco Cloud, with a number of interesting features including SAML based security, integration with ActiveDirectory, customization of Umbraco Forms to support complex workflows and approval processes, development of a custom package for managing social media integration and content personalization.

This talk will review the key features, discuss how these were implemented, issues and key achievements.

Paul Marden

Director @ Carbon 6 Digital

3:30Knoebel School of Hospitality: Tuscan Ballroom

Break 3 (Snack)

5:00Reiman Theater

Closing Comments

Nik will summarize the day's events and follow up with news and information for evening activities and Friday's sessions and speakers.

Nik Wahlberg

Owner @ Scandia

8:00Reiman Theatre in Margery Reed Building


9:00Reiman Theater

The Missing Link: How Investing in Development Met with Our Business Objectives

The setup: Company growth is dependent upon customer retention and new customer acquisition. The primary way to do that is through making improvements to digital pain points… website, mobile, apps, processes/workflow.

The why: An ever increasing desire to transact digitally, and cohesively.

The opportunities: How to go about finding and prioritizing opportunities.

The implementation: Finding the right solution/resources to develop the tools, close the gaps & capture identified opportunities.

The results: The outcomes of our projects using Umbraco

Jessica Rowe

Marketing Director @ BBMC Mortgage

10:00Reiman Theater

Umbraco Cloud and Your Team: Best-Practices from the Trenches

Using Umbraco Cloud can simplify your development and deployment process significantly, you probably already know this.  Adding team members, especially remote team members, multiple projects, overlapping releases and unscheduled tasks for bus fixes and priority work can complicate your process, you probably already know this too.

Paul will discuss and demonstrate best-practice approaches to working with a team with the more complex real-world environment you probably have today.  Using readily available tools and services such as GitHub, Visual Studio Team Services, and others in conjunction with Umbraco Cloud can help get your team to the next level of project nirvana.

Paul Sterling

Umbraco Consultant @ Motus Connect

11:00Reiman Theatre

Break 1

11:15Daniels Room

A Peek Inside the Kimono

The goals for our uWestFest site build were clear: One Umbraco install, a new unique site each year, fast deployments. How we pulled it off (for the most part) using Umbraco Cloud, theming and custom Grid widgets. The challenges faced, solutions created, and how the heck we got all those old sites stuffed in there as well.

This talk will cover the requirements from a developer's perspective - but in plain English, along with creative solutions to keep the project under control.

Heather Floyd

Sr. Developer @ Scandia

11:15Reiman Theater

Painting the Clouds Orange

Over the past 3 years’ cloud services have become an essential part of our day to day working process at Crumpled Dog but many Umbraco agencies aren’t yet fully airborne and some are stuck firmly on the ground.

This session will take a look at the cloud services we utilize at Crumpled Dog for development, automated deployment, performance monitoring, hosting and how these services can be integrated together to improve workflow and output quality.

Covering setup and configuration of services such as GitHub, AppVeyor, New Relic, Umbraco Cloud and Azure, this session is a goldmine for agencies who need a supersonic lift-off into the clouds or who want to see how another agency is approaching modern cloud based development processes.

Jeavon Leopold

Owner @ Crumpled Dog

12:15Knoebel School of Hospitality: Tuscan Ballroom


1:15Daniels Room

Time to Raise Your Perception Periscope!

Time to work on our soft skills instead of just our software. Pete talks about how developing is more than just problem solving via code and that you as a developer can make your client, team and project run smoother and happier by thinking about how others receive your work, your mood, your communication. Level up and start to understand the power of other people’s perceptions and how they can impact on you and how you can manage them for a better outcome for all.

Pete Duncanson

Owner @ OffroadCode

1:15Reiman Theater

AMP Up Your Website

More and more people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices. What's more, as of 2015, searches conducted on mobile devices have surpassed those on desktops.

Because of this, Google is now leveraging "Mobile-first indexing", where they rank a website's content based on it's mobile performance before that of desktops. Google and other search engines have announced numerous tools and resources to help web developers create mobile-friendly websites, like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

In this session, you will learn what AMP is all about, what it looks like in search engines, and how you can integrate it with your current Umbraco website.

Alex Vilmur

Web Developer @ Marcel Digital

2:15Reiman Theatre

Break 2

2:30Daniels Room

Anti-Patterns: The Funniest and Craziest Things We've Seen from Inherited Sites

For better or worse, ProWorks has adopted quite a number pre-existing Umbraco sites (call us crazy). We are going to share some of the wildest Umbraco practices and architectures we have seen.

Jason Prothero

CEO @ ProWorks Corporation

2:30Reiman Theater

Unit Testing in Umbraco

Unit testing is a great way to help you improve your code and your team. It allows you to make changes or refactor your code to improve it with some confidence that your changes did not break a project. I am sure many of us realize the benefits of unit testing but find it difficult to do when working with a CMS or platform that you don't have full control over. This is the situation we will be discussing and I will show you how I have added unit tests to my customizations that are built on top of Umbraco.

Paul Gower

CTO @ Aristotle Labs

3:30Tuscan Ballroom

Afternoon Break

4:00Reiman Theatre

State of Umbraco - Closing

Come hear the latest news about Umbraco's foothold on the CMS marketshare.  Find out what's happening in North America and abroad and how you can be a bigger part of the community.  Thank you to Scandia for organizing this year's event!

Andrew Barta

HQ Support Management & North America Training @ Umbraco HQ

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