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Umbraco's Guide to the Wordpress Galaxy

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Umbraco's Guide to the Wordpress Galaxy

"Isn't there a plugin we can use to do that? WordPress has plugins for everything!" "Why isn't the upgrade as easy as pushing a button like WordPress?" "Can't we just download a theme and use it for our design like WordPress?"

WordPress is estimated to power 26% of the web. Its a great CMS. But when your prospect or client has a WordPress based perspective, it can present some challenges for an Umbraco agency. We will share our experiences and advice.

This session should be valuable to agencies, consultants and end-users or website owners with a lot of WordPress experience but limited Umbraco experience.

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Catherine Stevens

Catherine is a self-taught front-end developer at ProWorks, an agency in Corvallis, Oregon, where she has worked on many site redesigns and likes experimenting with new CSS techniques.

She also helps organize the Corvallis chapter of ChickTech, an organization that aims to increase the confidence of women and girls in pursuing STEM careers, and teaches a web development workshop with the chapter.

In her spare time Catherine enjoys baking and knitting.

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