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Painting the Clouds Orange

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Painting the Clouds Orange

Over the past 3 years’ cloud services have become an essential part of our day to day working process at Crumpled Dog but many Umbraco agencies aren’t yet fully airborne and some are stuck firmly on the ground.

This session will take a look at the cloud services we utilize at Crumpled Dog for development, automated deployment, performance monitoring, hosting and how these services can be integrated together to improve workflow and output quality.

Covering setup and configuration of services such as GitHub, AppVeyor, New Relic, Umbraco Cloud and Azure, this session is a goldmine for agencies who need a supersonic lift-off into the clouds or who want to see how another agency is approaching modern cloud based development processes.

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Jeavon Leopold

Technical Director at Crumpled Dog in Shoreditch, London, UK, Jeavon has a proven track record of successfully taking complex client ideas and weaving them into effective solutions. Since joining Crumpled Dog in 2009 he has led on award winning projects, building a strong digital team.

An Umbraco specialist and an integral part of the global Umbraco community (3 times MVP, Most Valued Person, which has seen him develop a passion for all things orange) he's spoken at festivals and conferences around the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and of course Denmark, the home of Umbraco.

Currently on world tour with his workshop sharing his expertise in Umbraco on Microsoft Azure he's excited to be coming to the land of peanut butter M&Ms in 2017. In his spare time, he's either catching Pokémon in London's historic sites or teaching his 7 and 4 year olds the essentials of Umbraco load balancing.

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