Niels Hartvig

Chief Unicorn @ Umbraco HQ

Umbraco HQ Keynote

The main attraction, no doubt, is the founder of the entire Umbraco project, Niels Hartvig. He will be on stage presenting the state of Umbraco and speaking to all of us about the tremendous success the project has seen over the last several years. Don't miss this opportunity to see him in person and get the true vibe of Umbraco. 

Andrew Barta

American Trainer and Friend-Maker @ Umbraco HQ

State of Umbraco in the US

Andrew is a familiar face for the stateside Umbraco community, focusing on training and communicating one of the core values of Umbraco: to use Umbraco as a tool to create delightful digital experiences. He momentarily stepped away from Umbraco to pursue other interests, but returned to HQ in 2018 to grow the Umbraco community in the US as the American Trainer and Friend-Maker.

Anders Sørensen

Major Friends Maker @ Umbraco HQ

10 Ways to Grow Your Agency

Anders runs the partner program at Umbraco HQ. He'll be here to talk to us about how to run an agency as efficiently as possible. Something Anders knows a thing or two about, having been the lead at one of Denmarks largest digital agencies before joining Umbraco.

Stephan Gay

Umbraco Core Repairman @ Umbraco

Developing with Umbraco v8

Located in Paris, France, Stephan works as an independent consultant helping companies with their Internet infrastucture, but most of all, he's extremely happy to be part of the Umbraco Core development team and help shape the future of that fantastic open-source CMS for the Microsoft .NET stack.

Raj Krishnan

Technology Architect @ Microsoft

Blockchain and what we need to know about it

Raj Krishnan is one of the Blockchain Ambassadors and has been helping customers build web. mobile and data solutions for over 15 years at Microsoft. Prior to that he has worked for Fortune 500 companies in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Contact Centers and consulting services.

Jason Vickers

Senior Information Technology Consultant @ Marathon Consulting

High Performance Search: From Basic Terms to Faceting

Jason is a Microsoft Certified Professional and Umbraco Certified Master with 5 years experience of using Umbraco to build custom business applications. When Jason is not working, he's either fishing, spending time with family/friends or taking his pups on adventures.

Alex Vilmur

Web Developer & Umbraco Master @ Marcel Digital

Fast Track to Success: An Umbraco Integration Story

Alex studied Computer Science in the expansive cornfields of Indiana at Purdue University. After graduating, he joined Motorola in the Government and Public Safety division for four years where he honed his Java skills. After realizing he wanted more than just Java, he joined Marcel Digital to focus on web and consumer-facing applications.

Martin Sandvad

CCO @ Ucommerce

Uccelerate, Accelerated Commerce on Umbraco

Martin Sandvad is the CCO of Ucommerce and while he is not a dev, he certainly is a full-blown Umbracian. At UFD, Martin teams up with Jens Josefsson – in their session, content teams up with commerce.

Jason Prothero

President @ ProWorks Corporation

An Intro to Vue.js

Jason is the President of ProWorks and an Umbraco Certified Master. He enjoys looking for new tools and techniques to help the team at ProWorks work smarter and more efficiently. Vue.js was one of those tools that he tried and it has been adopted at ProWorks for its speed, broad usage scenarios, and its methodology. It is easy to learn and maybe its right for your team.

Heather Floyd

Owner @ Floyd Innovations LLC

Content Outside the Back-office

Heather Floyd is a freelance Umbraco & .Net Developer based in New York and primarily serving North America. She has been involved in website and software development for 20 years and developing with the Umbraco CMS since 2006. She specializes in information architecture and development efficiency. Heather is also a co-organizer of the NYC Umbraco Meetup group, a member of the 2018 Umbraco USA Festival planning committee, and contributor of articles to Skrift and 24 Days.

Jessica Rowe

VP Marketing & Strategy @ Scandia

How to Connect With the Marketing Team, & Why!

Jessica is a veteran lead generation and digital marketing professional at Scandia. She has extensive experience serving as a marketing technologist and running high velocity lead generation efforts from both the agency and client sides.  As the VP of Marketing and Strategy, she is responsible for the development, execution and measurement of all digital marketing strategies and tactics for Scandia's clients.

Pete Duncanson

MD @ Offroad Code

GraphQL with Umbraco Explained

With 20+ years of development under his belt Pete has rightly earned the 1000 yard stare as a veteran developer. He runs Offroadcode Ltd, Umbraco Gold Partners with a smile in Huddersfield England with a small bunch of awesome and funny developers he likes to call friends. He’s talked at many Umbraco conferences before and loves to do so and it honoured to have been to the Code Garden retreat two years in a row. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy.

Ravi Motha

Tall Tales and Short Stories: How Writing a Good User Story Can Save You Time

In 1998 after a gaining a degree in Biochemistry with Neuroscience, Ravi went Underground and became part of an elite cadre of web developers building bespoke CMS systems for Brentwood County Council and Ford using a mixture of PHP, SQL and Microsoft products.

Having tired of this, he decided to enter the showbiz world of the communications agency and it was not long before he was building sites using SiteCore, which eventually led to the open source web gem that is Umbraco. 

Matt Shull

Data Science Program Manager @ Thinkful.com

Matt is a product consultant that works with teams to create delightful products and services on the web. He's been named by KeyCDN as one of the "60 Web Performance Experts". Matt enjoys discussing IoT and Web of Things, helping to create intuitive features with teams from all industries, and working with as Data Science Program Manager at Thinkful.com.

Paul Sterling

CTO @ Mold Inspection Sciences

Openness is the key to success: Adopting Umbraco to help accelerate growth and agility for a small business powered by lead generation

Paul has worked with Umbraco for 10+ years in various capacities; user, HQ member, developer, consultant, and now CTO of Mold Inspection Sciences who leverage Umbraco as their web platform. He is a core contributor, an MVP, and now a user of Umbraco in real life.

Callum Whyte

Senior Developer @ The Cogworks

Turbo-charge your search with Elastic

Callum is an Umbraco MVP, Master and senior developer at The Cogworks, based in London. As one of the baristas who brings you your weekly fix of UmbraCoffee (live every Friday!) he lives and breathes the world of Umbraco. When he’s not building excellent Umbraco solutions, Callum is busy spreading the Umbraco love. He’s an active contributor to the Umbraco Core and to many community packages, as well as a regular speaker at Umbraco meetups and conferences all over the world!

Jamie Pollock

Senior .Net Developer @ Carbon Six Digital

How to Handle Free Time Frustation!

Jamie is an Umbraco web developer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He's a firm believer in people being at the heart of what we do. AI hasn't taken over yet. Jamie has done a fair bit of working with lots of lovely people in teams in the UK but currently works remotely for a UK company, Carbon Six Digital from the US East Coast.

Community Panel

Community Members @ Skrift, UmbraCoffee, Unicorner, The Bob & Kevin Show

PANEL: Community Content Publishers

True community heroes are coming together from the most prominent community programs out there. Bob Baty-Barr, Janae Cram, Kyle Weems, Erica Quessenberry, Callum Whyte, and Niels Hartvig.