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Umbraco 2020 Conference Schedule



Umbraco Security Course with HQ

Learn the best practices to secure your Umbraco sites thus protecting any sensitive information in person at Umbraco US Festival! The course covers general security practices along with Umbraco-specific security topics to be aware of and teaches how to utilize the full force of the Umbraco CMS. During this training course you'll get a solid understanding of how to secure your Umbraco sites from hackers and potential threats. 




Umbraco HQ Keynote with Niels Hartvig

Niels Hartvig, Chief Unicorn @ Umbraco HQ

Kicking off Umbraco US Festival 2020 is the founder of Umbraco, Chief Unicorn, Niels Hartvig. Expect to hear about the latest and greatest in Umbraco for 2020!


Real Estate Opportunities with Umbraco

Graham Davis, Founder @ zBest Data Technologes, LLC

Real Estate has become a data driven industry whose websites are increasingly requiring more complex integrations that can't easily be done using just a CMS and available plugins. From interactive maps to lead capture with their CRM, today's Real Estate Websites are no longer just simple photos with descriptions of home for sale. zBest Property Manager(TM) simplifies website development using drop in controls with the functionality already built in.  Here are the topics we will cover:


What you'll learn:

  • Introduction To Real Estate - Things you need to know
  • Simplifying the Real Estate Model for faster development
  • Downloading the Platform and Getting Started(short demo)
  • Creating Long Term Relationships and future income with zBest and your customers
  • Questions & Answers



Untangling Web Accessibility

Justin Shearer, Designer / Developer @ ProWorks
Justin Shearer

With the recent legal and societal changes having your website accessible is not just a nice to have, it's a requirement. We'll walk you through the different guidelines, explain best practices and help you navigate the ever changing landscape of web accessibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Current landscape of web accessibility and why it matters (guidelines/legislation)
  • What should be accessible and how to test?
  • Best practices



The Three Musketeers: Website Migrations, SEO, and Analytics

Kyle Brigham, Director of Client Relations @ Marcel Digital
Kyle Brigham (1)

Website migrations are huge overhauls on your resources. They take meticulous planning and execution to ensure all of your organic visibility and rankings stay in tact when moving your website. In this presentation, I'll break down what a website migration is, how to plan for a site migration to mitigate and eliminate SEO losses, and what it looks like if you don't plan properly (spoiler alert - it's not good...)

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a site migration?
  • How is SEO involved and how to plan properly
  • Conducting a migration with SEO in mind vs not at all

AI and Umbraco In The Battle Against Fakes

Henk Boelman, Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft
Henk Boelman

Counterfeit products have been a longstanding and growing pain for companies. In addition to impacting company revenue, they damage brand reputation and customer confidence. Our company was asked to build a solution for a global electronics brand that can identify counterfeit products by just taking one picture on a smartphone.

In this session we zoom into the building blocks that make this AI solution work. We’ll find out that there is much more to it than just training a convolutional neural network. We look at challenges like how to manage and monitor the AI model and how to build and improve the model in a way that fits your DevOps production chain.

Learn how we used Umbraco, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and Docker to build a solid foundation. See how we used Azure Machine Learning service to train the models. And find out how we used Azure DevOps to control, build and deploy this state-of-the-art solution.

AI used to only be in the hands of data science PhDs. Now any developer can integrate this exciting technology into their next project. Join us to find out how.




Wholesome UX For Your Back Pocket

Erin Mullinax, Senior UX Designer @ Marathon Consulting
Erin Mullinax 2019

UX isn't just for designers. It's for everyone.

Together, we'll explore the pillars of good User Experience and I'll share tips and ideas that you can keep in your back pocket (or up your sleeve) for creating better end products and experiences that your users will love.

We'll discuss who users are, their needs, wants, and expectations, as well as high level views on aesthetics, usability, value, information architecture, and the psychology behind these key elements. In the end, I hope you will leave with a little flame of passion in your heart for making the world a better place - one line of code, one pixel, and one simple delight at a time.

Cloud Baselines: The Pleasures and Perils

Heather Floyd, Umbraco MVP and Developer
Heather Floyd

Baselines are a unique and powerful feature of Umbraco Cloud. If you haven’t yet explored Baselines, this talk will not only give you an overview of how they work, but also provide some ideas for where baselines might be a good fit for your projects.

I will explain how I have been using Baselines to offer a “Productized” web development service to smaller clients, along with tips on how best to structure your Baseline and child projects for success. I will also highlight some of the potential challenges you will need to be aware of with current Baseline features and workflow, and what architectural choices you should consider to minimize project risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Baselines work
  • What projects would be a good fit for a Baseline/Child model
  • Architectural considerations for a successful baseline project
  • How agencies can use baselines for new business models and project efficiencies

Afternoon Snack and Networking


Umbraco HQ Q+A

Bob Baty-Barr, Manager of Web Development @ Segal Group
Bob Baty Barr

Join Bob Baty Barr and the team from Umbraco HQ, including Niels, Anders, Kim, and Andrew Barta, as they take your questions about Umbraco and the community at large.



Networking & Morning Breakfast


Coming to America

Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker @ Umbraco HQ

With a newly opened office in the US you might want to hear about Umbraco's strategy and plans in the United States (Go to Market strategy, the benefits of becoming an Umbraco Partner, etc…)

Umbraco Sales Director AKA Major Friend Maker, Anders Trans Sorensen, will share with you the business model of running a successful Open Source project... And not just a successful project, but the biggest and most popular Open Source CMS built on Microsoft Technology.

In this talk, you will meet the faces of the new office and learn about Umbraco's plans in the US for 2020.


Azure Serverless

Raj Krishnan, Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft
Raj Krishnan Microsoft

Agenda coming soon!




Flattining the Content Strategy Conversation with Analytics

Emily Corace, UX Architect @ The Garrigan Lyman Group
Emily Corace Glg

We've all experienced site redesign politics, Emily will help us understand how to use hard data to solve human problems and get stakeholders on the same page. This key part of content strategy drives everything from IA, UX, to content management, and ladders up to the overall business goals.

What It Really Takes For Umbraco to Break Through

Janus Boye, Founder & Lead @ Boye & Company
Janus Boye

Agenda coming soon!




Migrating to Umbraco 8

Callum Whyte, Umbraco MVP, Developer, & Host of UmbraCoffee
Callum Whyte

Let’s explore exactly what is involved in migrating a simple Umbraco V7 site over to V8, and how we can start to take full advantage of what the latest and greatest version has to offer. While walking through the migration steps we’ll look closer at the fundamental differences between the 2 versions; from getting started with Variants, changes to Models Builder and the Core APIs, and the introduction of Content Apps. Finally, we’ll touch upon the current state of V8 and the package eco-system - including the work that’s needed from the community to ensure the must-have packages are ready for use in our sites. This session promises to be on the bleeding edge of Umbraco as we sail through uncharted waters...

Key takeaways:

  • The key features of Umbraco 8
  • 2 different approaches to migrating your content to Umbraco 8
  • The changes to APIs and how to update your code



Manage Millions of Products in Umbraco

Simon Lyder, CTO @ Struct
Simon Lyder

Umbraco can be much more than a CMS. In this presentation, Simon will show and tell how Struct PIM can be leveraged to make Umbraco into an Enterprise grade Product Information Management System, which makes the process of managing large ever changing product catalogues a breeze. Using live demonstrations, Simon will show how Struct PIM is used to let marketeers manage millions of products in a simple and effective way using the familiar user-friendly interface of Umbraco.

3 takeaways for the audience:

  • See how Struct PIM can be leveraged to make Umbraco into much more than a CMS
  • Learn how a dedicated PIM system can help businesses reach their goals
  • Understand why PIM is a necessity in modern digital commerce

This, That and the Other: Umbraco V8 Three Ways

Emma Burstow, .Net developer @ Tred Digital
Emma Burstow (1)

As developers, we are delighted when we get to solve a problem the way we see fit; we love to use our experience and we don't much enjoy having our means of getting there dictated to us. Umbraco is a lightweight tool that allows developers a lot of control over how they reach their outcomes but, with that freedom, there comes another worry - how do we know we are making the right choices?

In this talk, I will look at a single use case and then offer 3 solutions for it. Developers do this most days and I hope to start a conversation around building editor experiences, developing elegant solutions and a space to share what makes us really happy: finding the right fit.

We will look at which picker should you pick, which caching tool is fit for the job, why nested content can almost always be an answer and why sometimes, it's ok just to say no. Expect no right answers but lots of discussion as to what can work and when it's a good time to try.

What You'll Learn:

  • Participants will learn how to leverage out-of-the-box Umbraco 8 tools to make their builds brilliant.
  • They'll be exposed to bespoke solutions too and shown when and how they can be implemented.
  • Finally, this talk will give participants a space to discuss their own experience with other experienced devs and share ideas.

Ending Presentation

Details TBD