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Umbraco US Festival Presenters

As the only Umbraco sponsored conference in the United States, we want to bring the brightest and top names in the Umbraco global community to share innovative ideas that show the true power of Umbraco to build incredible websites and unparalleled business / technology stacks.


Niels Hartvig

Chief Unicorn @ Umbraco HQ

Umbraco me: Product lover. Community evangelist. Master of confetti.

Non-Umbraco me: Wannabe outdoor'er. Father. Failed synth collector.


Kim Sneum Madsen

CEO @ Umbraco HQ

Umbraco me: Friend making. Head of Suits, Service and Support.

Non-Umbraco me: Axes. Chainsaws. Forestry.


Anders Trans Sørensen

Major Friend Maker @ Umbraco HQ

Umbraco me: The captain of The Suits. Negotiator extraordinaire. Partnerships guru.

Non-Umbraco me: Father of two. IRONMAN participant. Red wine admirer.

Henk Boelman

Henk Boelman

Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft

Henk is a Cloud Advocate specializing in Artificial intelligence and Azure with a background in application development. He is currently part of the regional cloud advocate team in the Netherlands. Before joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft AI MVP and worked as a software developer and architect building lots of AI powered platforms on Azure.

Raj Krishnan Microsoft

Raj Krishnan

Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft

Raj Krishnan currently works with Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect. He brings over 20+ years of experience as a renowned technology enthusiast with deep expertise in AI, Modern Data Warehouse, DevOps and Cloud design, and implementation services. He is a regular speaker at Microsoft and other technology conferences, as well as a certified Microsoft Trainer and hackathon Coach.

Bob Baty Barr

Bob Baty-Barr

Manager of Web Development @ Segal Group

Bob has been using Umbraco since version 2.1.3 - way back in 2006! He has survived xslt, webforms, razor and more! The one constant thing has always been the friendly community. Bob received Umbraco MVP honors in 2018 for his long time involvement in the community. Bob currently manages all web projects for Segal out of NYC, but has recently relocated to the mountains in Boulder, CO. Bob is an outspoken advocate for all things Umbraco and remote work and can be heard sharing his views on all things technology as a co-host on the Bob & Kevin Show podcast.

Callum Whyte

Callum Whyte

Umbraco MVP, Developer, & Host of UmbraCoffee

Donut-wrangling Umbraco Master by day, jetsetter by night – I travel every corner of the globe speaking at events and getting to know the community. Organiser of the Umbraco UK Festival and #umbracoBBQ, UmbraCoffee barista, and author of a few packages.


Graham Davis

Founder @ zBest Data Technologes, LLC

Graham has over 30 years in Enterprise Development and is the owner of zBest Data Technologies. His experience comes from developing solutions in the industries of Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate.  Since  2007, he has been supporting Real Estate and brings to Umbraco, the opportunity for others to partner and do the same. Graham is also spearheading a new Umbraco Meetup Group in area of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC and seeks your help in getting the word out to others.

Kyle Brigham (1)

Kyle Brigham

Director of Client Relations @ Marcel Digital

Kyle has been working in the online space for over 10 years, spanning every area of digital marketing. He handles the day-to-day engagement with clients and specializes in leveraging Umbraco and analytics to drive more engagement and conversions for clients.

Heather Floyd

Heather Floyd

Umbraco MVP and Developer

Heather Floyd is an award-winning independent Umbraco & .Net Developer based in New York and primarily serving North America. She has been involved in website and software development for over 20 years and developing with the Umbraco CMS since 2006. She specializes in information architecture and development efficiency. Heather is also an organizer of the NYC Umbraco Meetup group, an Umbraco MVP, contributor of articles to Skrift and 24 Days, and speaks internationally about Umbraco.

Janus Boye

Janus Boye

Founder & Lead @ Boye & Company

Janus has worked at the intersection of networking, innovation and digital leadership since 1998. When organisations like Alfa Laval, Nordea, Red Bull, United Nations and the World Health Organization need help moving their digital presence to the next level, they’ve turned to Janus for peer-to-peer consulting.

Mark Davis

Mark Drake

Senior Front-End Engineer @ FYIN

Connoisseur of front-end development and human centered design, Mark tirelessly pursues bettering himself, others around him, and the software we write from the perspective of those who have to use our software. When Mark isn't fiddling with the next big thing for web technology, you could run into him at a live music concert, or find him "researching" immersive technologies in the latest VR games and simulations.

Erin Mullinax 2019

Erin Mullinax

Senior UX Designer @ Marathon Consulting

Erin has worked in the IT industry for over 18 years and her background includes photography, art, front-end development, web design, marketing, and UX. She is passionate about building awesome user experiences with her team and inspiring others to embrace the UX love.

Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer

Designer / Developer @ ProWorks

With 20 years of  industry experience in a wide array of roles and organizations Justin helps users have the best web experience possible. He uses bold design language, solid IA practices and proven technologies to deliver compliant, robust and maintainable content to ALL users.

Emily Corace Glg

Emily Corace

UX Architect @ The Garrigan Lyman Group

Emily is the UX Architect at Garrigan Lyman Group, working with cross-functional teams to identify problems and ideate solutions.

Simon Lyder

Simon Lyder

CTO @ Struct

Simon has worked with E-commerce and Product Information Management Systems for the past eight years, helping large Danish and Scandinavian companies excel online. Through the last four years, Simon has been one of the main drivers in the development of Struct PIM, and has thus gotten a thorough insight into the inner workings of Umbraco and how you can build a complete application and integrate it smoothly into Umbraco.

Emma Burstow (1)

Emma Burstow

.Net developer @ Tred Digital

As a .Net developer, open-source contributor and mother of two, Emma is a firm believer in the importance of tech communities. Aside from her day job, building kick-ass web sites, she spends much of her free time reviewing other people's code, giving talks about the things she's learned and playing board games with whomever she can take hostage.

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Umbraco US Festival is a unique experience where developers, designers and business owners, can discover, learn, and build the future together.