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April 15

.NET developer

Know the Umbazing block editors in Umbraco V8

Umbraco 8 came with a fantastic editor experience. From the good-old Doc Type Grid Editor to the latest Block List Editor, there are many options to choose from to provide the optimal editing experience. In my session, I will discuss the various options available for grid-based editors in Umbraco 8 and run a comparison between them. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Get to know the various options for content editing in Umbraco and how they are different from each other
  • Know how to configure them
  • How to use them in code
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Founder and CPO @ Ucommerce

Flexible, scalable, and tailored B2B e-commerce. What do you need for building an optimal architecture?

Many companies need guidance in becoming more digitally mature and successfully integrating e-commerce into their strategy. B2B sectors are speeding up the jump to e-commerce. E-commerce projects are more extensive in scope and requirements are becoming more complex.

Overall, this accelerated switch towards digital creates a big opportunity and a new customer segment for agencies. But there are many approaches to implementing e-commerce for B2B companies, and it is business-critical to understand what aspects are essential for an optimal architecture.

During this 45-minute keynote, Søren Spelling Lund, the founder and CPO of Ucommerce, will take you through why flexible, scalable, and tailored e-commerce is the right solution for B2B projects and what features are essential for an optimal architecture.

Key Takeaways:

  • See how you can build an extensive and scalable B2B e-commerce experience with Ucommerce
  • Go behind the scenes with a quick platform tour
  • Get a glimpse at the exciting new features of our latest platform release, Ucommerce 9.4, that center around scalability, increased performance, and improved interfaces
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Business Owner, Co-Founder @ Perplex Digital, uMarketingSolutions

Bring your Umbraco website to a whole new level with the uMarketingSuite!

A presentation for all Umbraco developers that want to bring their websites to a next level!

With the uMarketingSuite, you can bring your website to a whole new level. Without writing any line of code, you get more marketing functionality than you could ever imagine. In this session we will, however, write new code to show you that with some extra coding, the sky is the limit! If you can imagine it, the uMarketingSuite and a few lines of code will make it possible.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The uMarketingSuite is an all-in-one marketing toolbox for Umbraco websites
  • You can set it up in 20 minutes without writing any line of code
  • If you really want to bring it to a next level, you can write code to achieve that
  • This presentation opens up a whole new world for any Umbraco developer
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Heather Floyd
Heather Floyd
.NET Developer

To migrate, or not to migrate to Umbraco 8?

Version 8 is the latest and greatest Umbraco so far, and with the new caching and streamlined APIs, developers and clients might be itching for an upgrade opportunity – but is a migration of an existing site a good idea? And if you do decide to migrate – how should the project be approached? Heather has learned some things from migration projects she has done and will share what she wishes she had known before starting them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Is migration of an existing site a good idea? – How to approach the question in a rational way
  • What you should know about the current site to guide your decision
  • A recommended migration workflow
  • Ways to mitigate migration risks
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Henk Boelman &
Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft,
Amy Boyd
Amy Boyd
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate in AI/ML @ Microsoft

The Age of Applied AI

After a tremendous age of innovation and research in the AI field, we are moving towards the age of appliance. But how and where do you get started as a developer and how do you apply machine learning ethically and use it for good?

In this talk we dive into the current state of everyday AI, debate the challenges that come with responsible AI, and you will get some tips and tricks on how you can take advantage of AI as an Umbraco developer.

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Leon De Wildt
Leon de Wildt
Senior Digital Strategist @ Perplex Digital

Yes, Umbraco is an Enterprise Platform

In my role as a Smart Creative, I often get in touch with the Enterprise-platform-can-do-it-all mentality during a pitch or consultation. Marketing terms like A/B testing, Personalization, Segmentation, or Marketing Automation often lead to expensive and overwhelming Enterprise platforms. This session is about all that and how I stand ground in boardrooms, the stories behind (award-winning) solutions, and my approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Feel as confident as me selling Umbraco as an Enterprise Platform
  • Guaranteed improved chance of winning an Umbraco award by 50%
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Technical Director @ Luminary Digital

Power Your Content with Umbraco Heartcore

When talking about JAMStack and static sites, the conversation always veers towards front-end technologies such as React and Node. But what if you are a .NET developer who wants to use your experience and expertise to build a static site in .NET 5.0? This talk will introduce you to Stazor Pages and how Umbraco Heartcore can power a lightning-fast static website.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build a static website with .NET 5.0
  • Learn the benefits of JAMStack
  • Power your content with Umbraco Heartcore
  • Get a practical intro to Stazor Pages
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Jason Prothero
Jason Prothero &
President @ ProWorks Corporation,
Mark Bowser
Mark Bowser
Architect and Back-End Developer @ ProWorks Corporation

Using Components To Build Sites That Content Editors Love

The new Block Editor from Umbraco is out! It's cool because it enables a component-based editing experience. Why should you care? It is a win-win for content editors and developers. The Block Editor allows editors more control over each page to customize the look and feel on a page by page basis. Developers get to focus more time on creating useful building blocks for editors and less time modelling content to create specific DocTypes. And designers get to ensure that the content is accessible and adheres to the style guide. Join us as we walk through how content editors use it, best practices on how to implement it best, and real world success stories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why editors love it
  • How editors use it
  • How developers implement it
  • Real case story
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